the research
that starts from your needs


Choosing an integrated design that can optimize your product / service and the related production process through the best techniques, methodologies and tools means investing in the success of your company. And win this challenge.


Many companies claim to have research and development issues close to heart. Gruppo Comestero invests in R&D because distributing technology is not enough for us.

Our research starts from the needs and requirements of our customers. From their and our desire to progress and be increasingly competitive. This is how our R&D and co-design work takes shape.
We carry it forward directly from Gruppo Comestero. And no one else do it for us. It is not a detail.

This is why in this field we are one of the few companies with a structured internal laboratory able to carry out all the most important tests in terms of production, design and prototyping. A very important choice, that gives the customer a greater reliability, safety and time savings.

Willingness to progress and be increasingly competitive. Thus our R&D and co-planning work takes shape.

In particular, tools such as the FEM analysis to calculate the behavior of a product are able to make the difference in this new technological scenery.

Why? It is not just a simulation in virtual environments, but means, for the customer, to obtain crucial information on the performance and reliability of a technical solution, identifying its strengths and critical points even before the prototype takes shape.

A considerable saving of time and money. And above all, the possibility of knowing in advance the real chances of success of each project.

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