Comestero Sistemi and Penta Group, the winning combination for quality customization


Gruppo Comestero Sistemi stands out in the market for electrical and electromechanical products thanks to its ability to offer customized solutions.

Thanks to its collaboration with Penta Group, a company in the group founded in 1999, specialising in the customization and assembly of components, Comestero Sistemi is able to transform electrical and electromechanical components into unique products.

The customization service allows customers to choose the most suitable solution according to their needs.

We support customers from design to production, guiding them towards the solution best suited to their applications, proposing the best materials and verifying compliance with current Italian and international safety regulations.

The services we offer include: technical consultancy, electrical and electromechanical assemblies, carpentry, industrial electrical cabling and customized realisations in the electromechanical and electronic sector.

Our method of organising production and ISO certification also guarantee optimisation of internal processes, allowing us to provide a timely service with quick and flexible responses, capable of satisfying even the most specific production needs of our customers.

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