From the distribution of electrical and electromechanical components to the production of systems for connection, filtering and ventilation to assembly, customization, co-design and co-enginering services. The evolution continues.

our history

1976 Comestero Foundation
1993 Foundation of Comestero Sistemi S.r.l.
1997 Participation in NSF Controls L.t.d.
1999 Penta Group Srl establishment
2000 New headquarters in Vimercate (MB) Italy
2001 Achievement of UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification
2004 Comestero Sistemi grows from limited company to public one
2007 Opening of technical division and Cittadella (PD) Italy branch office
2009 Inauguration of the Electronics Division
2012 Foundation of CS Production
2013 Opening of the International division
2014 Participation in the Start-Up Phi-Drive Srl
2016 40th anniversary and inauguration of the new production site for Penta Group S.r.l.
2017 Moving of Cittadella’s branch office in Cassola (VI) Italy
2019 Winner with Phi-Drive S.r.l. of the Horizon 2020 prize of the European Community
TODAY Our evolution opens the door to the future


Where we started

We started with the distribution of electromechanical components, with the knowledge that itswas the starting point to grow and build an international Group with its own production; Our certainty: there are not too many big obstacles but only too small motivations.

Where we are today

Today Gruppo Comestero is able to act as a partner for all companies that are not only looking for components but want solutions with high added value to succeed and strengthen their presence in their respective markets.
The same approach that guided us at the beginning drives us to consider the goals achieved as new starting points.

Where we will be in the near future

The road is drawn. Success is not a destination, but a journey. And this journey is not just ours but of all the customers who in the passed years relied on Comestero Group and those who will do that starting from tomorrow. Their future goals will become an integral part of ours.
From distribution to production, from co-engineering to innovative solutions. As we have always done, today we turn our gaze to the future to invent it, build it and live it as protagonists.

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