and efficient
warehouse management


Efficient and complete management of the warehouse, of all the transport networks, of kanban orders and of warehouse stock for specific customer requirements according to the highest category standards.


Gruppo Comestero delivers all over the world thanks to an efficient and complete management of the warehouse, of all the transport networks, of kanban orders and of a large stock in the warehouse to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Valuing the logistic process for Gruppo Comestero means concretely translating everything we work for every day. It is not just a question of managing a large and organized warehouse, but also focusing on a logistic organization capable of handling efficiently a large quantities of goods every day and delivering them worldwide with certain times.

Logistics today is one of the most significant performance indicators, so we use the most advanced IT and technical tools in order to guarantee precise and punctual deliveries to all our customers.

To make the logistics process more efficient in its daily activities, our Group combines the possibility of satisfying specific customer needs: from customized packages to shipments all over the world. This last option allows the customer to receive the goods directly at his production site through guaranteed and on time deliveries even if they are displaced from the headquarters.

More than 2,500 square meters reserved for logistics and warehouse activities are a large and vital space where our operators move with maximum efficiency and safety. You may not be interested to know how all our products are carefully positioned on the shelves, but all the management of the logistics process is designed to avoid errors and to guarantee precise and punctual deliveries.

To realize this, just visit our logistics department for a few minutes, a real flagship.

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