filtro antidisturbo emc emi rete elettrica

EMC EMI filters for the electricity network

Experts since 1976 in EMI RFI filters for the suppression of electrical network disturbances and electromagnetic interference

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) is generated by electric currents and voltages when starting any electronic device. When the generated signal is unintentional and generates distortion, along the lines (conducted interference) or through the air (radiated interference), we speak of noise or electromagnetic noise. This involuntary emission can cause malfunctions in the equipment itself, in the environment in which it is active or on the electrical network.

filtro emc emi trifase high low comesteroEMI / RFI filters are used to limit this signal and to protect the device itself from electromagnetic interference in the environment.

Usually the anti-interference filters used are passive electrical components of the low-pass type, i.e. they allow free transit at the frequencies below the signal channel that must pass and blocking the high ones, thus completely eliminating the differential mode and common mode interferences.

Risks caused by electromagnetic interference

  • Device malfunction (medical, machine tools, motors, transformers, etc)
  • Interaction with other nearby devices with blocking risks and serious malfunctions (e.g. medical field)
  • Reduction of the average life expectancy of the components within the application
  • Entry of disturbances in the power supply network with consequent malfunctioning of the same in other buildings and / or machines.

Electromagnetic compatibility

EMC directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility) defines European standards for two fundamental aspects in the field of electromagnetic interference: the emission and immunity of each electrical device. In other words, electromagnetic compatibility defines:

 the ability of a system or device to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without in turn producing intolerable disturbances in the vicinity

filtro emc emi presa spinati high low comestero

Very often, electromagnetic compatibility is the final step in a project. When all the product features have been implemented and the functionality has been established, the compatibility tests are carried out. At this point, EMC tests become expensive, time consuming and can sometimes be difficult to manage. Manufacturers should always start thinking about interference in the early stages of product design, identifying for the purpose of standard or custom filters on which to rely to meet the standards.

EMI filter

The mains filter is the key element to eliminate interference from the electrical system and they are available in a wide range of types that differ in electrical, mechanical and electrical scheme specifications:

  • PCB filtreràfiltri emc emi cilindrico lavatrice elettrodomestici high low comestero small, compact and quick to assemble. The SS2-PSR filter is a single-phase filter designed to speed up and facilitate PCB mounting. Ideal for all applications, standard and medical, where reduced dimensions and a low cost solution are required. The SS2-PSR series is available in the standard version in a series of amperages from 1A to 10A.
  • IEC inlet filter they are used in computers, monitors, printers and medical devices. The filters combine the classic IEC socket with the performance of the interference suppression filter. The pin filters are also available in combination with switches and fuse holders.
  • Box filter they offer high performance and high frequency solutions, they are inserted in metal cases for an optimal earth connection. Suitable to solve more complex problems and to be inserted during the work on an already existing project. We distinguish between single-phase e three-phase (3pH or 3pH + N), the latter approved for nominal voltages up to 600V and suitable for machine tools, industrial automation, packaging, large uninterruptible power supplies, medical devices, etc.
  • House Appliance Filter Noise filters used mainly in the world of home appliances / white washing machines, laundries, dryers.

In addition to having to comply with EMC standards, our filters are approved: UL / CSA, ENEC, VDE, CE, CQC, CCC, (See the individual product data sheets for the certifications of each type)

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