From the laser sector to mechanics and automation, the application of three-phase EMI filters knows no more limits.

The EMI filters three-phase or three-phase with neutral are the key element to eliminate noise and protect the devices from electromagnetic interference that could cause malfunction in the equipment or on the electrical network.

In high power devices such as automated modular systems for laser cutting and sheet metal bending, the EMC filters are used in correspondence with each electrical panel where there is an inverter that controls the automation electronics.

fitri trifase sistemi modulari automatizzatiTo limit the noise generated by the inverters and allow the correct operation of the whole machine, high attenuation filters such as the S5 series are required.

Comestero Sistemi and High & Low, a production partner for over 40 years, thanks to their experience in the field of interference and noise suppression offer a wide range of network filters that differ in electrical, mechanical and electrical scheme specifications.


EMI filters 3ph e 3ph serie S5

The S5 series has VDE, UL and ENEC approvals, they are approved for rated voltages up to 600VAC and rated currents up to 400A. They are available in book, footprint or din bar versions and with terminal, screw or bus-bar electrical connections.

Serie S5-T(58)

Serie S5-T(56)

Serie S5-T(25)

  • Filter 3ph

  • Rated currents from 7 to 180A

  • Rated voltage 600 Vac

  • High common and differential mode attenuation

  • Filter 3ph+N

  • Rated currents from 8 to 160A

  • Rated voltage 600 Vac

  • High common and differential mode attenuation

  • Filter 3ph with plastic case

  • Rated currents from 10 to 30A

  • Rated voltage 480 Vac

  • DIN rail or panel mounting

To further certify compliance with the EN55011 and EN 61000-6-4 standards applied to electrical equipment in industrial environments, we have partnered on the territory with the main mobile testing laboratories for electromagnetic compatibility.

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