In a strongly evolving market, the investment in upgraded forefront technological instruments is fundamental to grant the success of an industrial company in time.


Due to the importance that the technological innovation holds in the competitiveness on the market, long time ago Gruppo Comestero Sistemi undertook a very precise course, investing in the development of the in-house technical laboratory and in R&D, introducing forefront instruments and specialized resources to provide its customers with a design support, starting from the analysis up to involving the final production.


According to this vision, in 2017 it bought and introduced among the offered services the Finite Element Method (FEM) or CFD, a computerized simulation instrument that, completing the design activity, assures a saving of time and resources compared to standard experimental tests.


A high percentage of the costs ad of the performances of a product is determined by the choices made in design phase, when the finite element calculation is exploited and allows analysing the behaviour of static or mechanical structures and looking for solutions or improvements to a given problem through numerical calculation methods.


FEM alone is not sufficient: the correct study and interpretation of the data drawn from the simulation is essential to grant the good outcome of a project. Gruppo Comestero Sistemi, thanks to the competence and the specialization of the research team and the experience in the sector, relies on the skills to orient customers towards the best solutions and design improvements.


FEM and CFD analysis application fields

  • Deformations states
  • Crack points
  • Analysis of manufacturing processes
  • Research and diagnostics of failure points of a system
  • Optimization and development of projects


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